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South Africa’s Trophy Hunt Industry Linked To Rhino Horn Trafficking … AGAIN

South Africa’s Trophy Hunt Industry Linked To Rhino Horn Trafficking … AGAIN

Asian Rhino Specialist Groups and TRAFFIC to the CITES Secretariat ... from 2013 through 2015 due to increased losses in Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa (Figure 1). ... South Africa currently conserves 79% of Africa's rhinos but has suffered 88% of the ... White rhino horns obtained from legal trophy hunts (estimate).. At this meeting, South Africa again expressed its belief that a controlled legal ... an annotation confined this to trade in live specimens and in hunting trophies only (Table 9.2). ... be increased in order to curtail trafficking in rhino horn; the consumer states to work with traditionalmedicine communities and industries to develop.... wildlife industry professionals and Asian crime syndicates. ... South Africa's Trophy Hunting Industry. ... linked with market forces in Viet Nam, a country that recently saw its ... Sport hunting of White Rhinos in South Africa resumed in 1968 at a ... the horn back to the location where the hunt took place should.... Jump to The existence of legal, grey and illegal flows out of South Africa - The domestic trade of rhino horn ... rhino or the hunting trophy leaves African shores, ... Many products do have associated ... both illegal and grey rhino horn traffic, ... wildlife industry in rhino conservation ... The modus operandi changed again.... Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking Rachel Love Nuwer ... and as a result up sprung a vibrant illicit industry referred to as pseudo-hunting. ... No one knows just how many rhino horns were actually sent back to Asia as purported trophies, ... South Africa has records for more than 650 rhino trophies leaving the country.... Pseudo-hunting, Trophy Hunting and Rhino Poaching. South ... initiatives were implemented and successfully brought their numbers back up to just over 20,000. ... Trophy hunting of rhinos is only legal in Namibia and South Africa. ... South Africa's trophy hunt industry linked to rhino horn trafficking

Using Cites loopholes and devious means for smuggling the horns out through trophies that have been taxidermied for export. ... AGAIN Africa Geographic Original Source: Annamiticus The July 2013 seizure of 24 rhino horns and arrest of 16 suspects in the Czech Republic points yet again to South Africa's failure to. necessarily reflect those of the TRAFFIC network, WWF or IUCN. ... ground-truthing so much on the South African law enforcement front as well as ... Again, the private sector has played a major role in Black Rhino conservation, ... There are about 500 trophy hunting outfitters and some 3000 professional hunters who are.. Trophy hunting or sport hunting is hunting of wild game for human recreation. The trophy is the ... South Africa's canned lion industry however runs the risk of damaging 'Brand South Africa' and it's ... Animals that receive increased interest from poachers, such as rhinos or elephants due to their ivory horns and tusks, present.... All rhinoceroses belong among endangered species hunting for their horns being ... South African Kruger is connected with the Limpopo Park in Mozambique which ... Already back in 2010, series of burglaries to museums and castles appeared in ... in number of requests for rhino trophy hunting from Vietnamese people.. In many cases, applications for hunting licences were coming from people with no ... Their rhino trophies were then sent back to Vietnam and, without any state ... Asian traffickers, South African private game farmers, corrupt wildlife industry ... attention of South African officials, the traders in rhino horns turned to Europe,.... South Africa's trophy hunt industry linked to rhino horn trafficking AGAIN. Posted on August 7, 2013 by Africa Geographic Editorial.... Wildlife Trafficking and how to Counter it Vanda Felbab-Brown ... concerns whether a country should be allowed to sell its stocks of rhino horn in a ... South Africa signaled that it would request permission for this at the 2016 Conference of Parties. ... as well as corruption in South Africa's trophy-hunting sector and government.... With Southern Africa's rhino population in serious peril, the time for helpless ... truer, for Southern Africa is once again in the midst of a rhino poaching epidemic. ... a thriving trophy hunting industry and associated wildlife breeding programmes, ... The horns from kills are passed through tightly-woven networks of traffickers or.... No one knows just how many rhino horns were actually sent back to Asia as ... South Africa has records of more than 650 rhino trophies leaving the country for ... Of 317 arrests related to rhino poaching in 2015, for example, just 15 ... wildlife industry play a vital role in ensuring that rhino horn or any other.... and trading exotic animals can be traced back to both the Egyptians, from ... South African rhino horn to Vietnam that includes a section on the criminal ... A Deadly Combination of Institutional Lapses, Corrupt Wildlife Industry Professionals ... in South African trophy-hunting permits granted to Vietnamese nationals and.. Here's how a pair of South Africans could undermine the international efforts to protect ... In the Czech Republic investigators linked Groenewald to a rhino horntrafficking ... the hornor trophyfrom a white rhino shot with a permit on a sport hunt. ... South Africa, with a nudge from its ranching industry, might again propose.... measures to prevent and combat rhinoceroses poaching and trafficking in ... management of the conditions under which rhino may be legally hunted. ... by the following factors and trends related to wildlife trafficking in South Africa: ... being banned from ever applying for a permit to trade in CITES listed species again.".

South Africa gets go-ahead to increase black rhino trophy hunting ... the impact of illegal hunting and trafficking of black rhinos for their horns.. Estimates suggest a global decline in all species of rhino from some ... allowed to continue to trade in live rhinos and to permit trophy hunting. ... in South Africa each year.83 From the mid-2000s, however, poaching again began to rise. ... Industry Professionals and Asian Crime Syndicates (Johannesburg: TRAFFIC, 2012). db4b470658

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